Our Services

Fast Logistics and Transportation

We carry out timely delivery of bulk shipments from various destinations within and outside Nigeria...

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Fast Procurements and Sourcing

We pride ourselves as one of the best, based on experience and in-depth knowledge ...

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Fast Shipping& Freight

We have readily available Flat bed, Dump and Heavy-duty Low bed trucks to meet any haulage demands...

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Our Staff

We ensure the safety of all employees, machineries and equipment in the section or department for which they are responsible...

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Fastrack International

FastTrack International is wholly owned by Nigerians. FastTrack International Nigeria is a Limited Liability Company registered under the Laws of Nigeria with an RC 651612

Our team of experts made up of Nigerians nationals have many years of practical experience, extensive contacts (local and international) and enormous goodwill covering all facets of the oil and gas  industry